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10 Things U Dream Of Doing!
Jenn Lin, Chief Dreamer
Copyright 2015
Contact: jenn@10ThingsUDream.com
Before becoming a coach, I was a successful designer in the architecture industry. Just when my design career was peaking, I became permanently injured from overuse of computers. At that point I knew my career was over as I could no longer compete with those younger, faster, and less expensive. Being a creative person was all I had ever wanted to be and I was devastated. One day, to feel alive again, I wrote on a post it, 10 things I had always dreamed of doing such as: study acting, act in a play, write a screenplay, make a film, do stand up comedy, design and build my own home, and get an MBA--all very much outside my comfort zone. And I actually did all those things. On that journey, I learned a lot about fear and how to get past it. I am now on my third list of "10 Things" and my mission is to help others create a road map toward their dreams and manage their inner critic.
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